Whether exchange or repair of the own product - we take over!

As a manufacturer of high-quality telephones and ITC systems, we supply our customers with the highest quality. However, as everywhere where technology is in continuous use, repairs may also be necessary on our products.

For this case we offer you our repair processing.

Information on repair processing at Auerswald:

The price for the ordered repair will be shown to you in any case when you fill out and print the repair form. If there is a warranty claim for your product, please note these prices only as information. In this case the repair is of course free of charge for you. If your product is too old for a warranty claim or there is a reason for a warranty rejection (such as overvoltage, the use of force or water damage), the prices shown apply.

Terms of Service

To enable us to perform repairs as quickly as possible, we send you a replacement device immediately, on the day we receive your defective device, provided that processing type "Repair replacement" has been selected. The replacement device will be as old as or newer than the device we receive from you.

Please do not be surprised at the prices mentioned during the repair request process. We check each repair job to find out if it is covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty. If it is not, we only charge for the necessary repair.

Before sending any of your Auerswald devices to us, please check that up-to-date firmware is installed on all of them. You should only send a device in for repair if it does not work faultlessly, despite having up-to-date firmware, and you have checked for and excluded other reasons for faults. In this case, you have a number of options.

They all have one thing in common: to request a repair, you must use our online form, which you will find in theService area on our website. We need a separate job request for each device/module.

Please only send us the device for which you are making a claim, including its wall-mounted power supply and, ifnecessary, the receiver. Also send us the signed repair job request. All the other accessories stay with you.

Please note that for IP-DECT telephones as well as COMfortel DECT headsets a complete submission is required (charging cradle, power supply unit, battery, headset, connection adapter APS-11).

Simply send us the defective device after you have requested a repair online. When we register receipt of the defective device, we will immediately send you a replacement device. The only requirements for this replacement are that your device is not more than five years old and that processing type "Repair replacement" has been selected. The proofs that these requirements have been met are the recorded date of purchase and the internal working days counter. We will usually send you the replacement device on the day we receive the defective device from you. We can, of course, return your own repaired device to you, on request. In that case, please be aware that our Repairs department may need 5 to 10 working days to repair your device.

In both cases, the stated fixed prices for the repair apply. You will be informed about these prices directly when you make the online repair request. The system will then list the repair prices on the repair job request. This is e-mailed to you in a PDF file, and you must sign it. Please print out and sign this repair job request and then place it in the package together with the defective device. You will also be e-mailed an address label: please print it out and glue it onto the package. We will pay the postage costs. If you use a different delivery service, you must pay the postage costs yourself.

Note that we can only repair defective systems that are no longer in our current product range if the necessary components are available.

We cannot accept goods for which postage has not been paid.

If the device you have sent us was bought within the manufacturer's warranty period and we, as the manufacturer, determine that there is a valid claim against the warranty, the repair will be performed at no charge to you.

Notwithstanding our final check on the device you have sent us, you will receive your replacement device, initially free of charge, provided that processing type "Repair replacement" has been selected. If we reject your claim under warranty, e.g. because of damage caused by a power surge, by water or damage caused by rough treatment, we will send you an invoice for the amount that you have already approved by signing the repair job request for this case. If you do not hear from us within three weeks after we received your device for repair, you can assume that it will be repaired under warranty.

If we do not find a fault, we reserve the right to charge for checking the device.

Of course, sometimes, you may not be sure if your device really is defective. In that case, we check the device in accordance with your fault description, using our detailed standard test procedure. We then send you a cost estimate for the repair. You can always decide to have the device sent back to you, unrepaired, have it repaired at the fixed price we suggest or you ask us to dispose of your device for you. However, in each of these cases, we will still charge you for checking your device. If you like, we can also make you an offer to supply a suitable successor product.

You can choose one of these payment methods:
- Cash on delivery (only in Germany)
- Payment in advance
- Debit payment (in the EU) home.cond5_table1 home.cond5_table2

You can request an express delivery from the relevant delivery service Monday to Friday, before 12:45 p.m. An express delivery for all delivery requests made after 12:45 p.m. can only be started on the next working day. You will find details of the current prices for express deliveries with the time option on our online service form.

All shipments must be securely packed according to content, type of shipment and volume. Inadequate packaging leads to the exclusion of any claims in the event of damage.

Auerswald Terms of Service 05/20
Auerswald's General Terms of Business also apply.